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For Parents

Whether your child attends a private school or a public one, whether it is in a close-knit community or in a cosmopolitan city, you want to insure that your child has a bright future.

For some parents, helping their son or daughter apply to college is a familiar and straightforward process — albeit emotional and costly. For others, however, it could be a daunting task. With over 4,000 accredited, not-for-profit universities in the United States alone, it is not an easy project to undertake. Surely, you have many questions:

These and other matters are what we strive to solve for you. Be sure to read our testimonials.

Road to OpportunityIn a global economy in constant and rapid transformation, it is extremely important to "look before you jump" = to weigh options vis-à-vis your child's profile and potential. The latter is a key factor, sometime difficult to determine, but essential to take into account when choosing a path to the future.

We are all born with talents and aptitudes, and we all have shortcomings. My goal as your child's counselor is to put in relevance the talents, and to make sure that the institutions where we apply will have the support to overcome the shortcomings.Fitting the right peg in the right hole

At ESI we work with all students: those who learn conventionally, and those who learn differently. Some know exactly what they want to study, and others have so many interests that it is difficult for them to narrow their choices. For some students, learning comes quickly, for others it takes a variety of approaches and strategies to absorb the information presented. For each and everyone, there exists an option, the right fit, the right school.

Our approach is individualized and personalized. We work with the student and his/her family. We meet students and families through Skype, or in person when possible.

Ideally, we like to start working with students during their junior year. Previous to that time, a per hour consultation is offered to students and their families starting the first year of high school/secondary school, which could continue throughout the student's high school studies. Please consult our "Services for High-School Students" on the Fee Structure page for more details.