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For Students seeking their First University Degree:

Deadline marked on a calendar If you are studying in a high school in the United States, or in an international school any place in the world, chances are that you are familiar with the U.S. college admission process. The most important thing is to plan ahead and to set up a calendar with doable deadlines.

Entrance to college/university requires you to take tests such as the SAT, ACT and the TOEFL or IELTs for international students. ESI will guide you as to dates and strategies regarding these tests.

Students in high schools accredited in the U.S. usually take the PSAT in the junior year of high school. If attending a secondary school in a system other than the U.S. we will work with you, helping you to decide which is the best preparation you can opt for in your city/country.

When you work with ESI, you are never alone. You can consult us regarding classes to take during high school, internships to sign up for, work that could make you stand out among your peers.

People are multi-dimensional and complex — it is important for the Admission counselor reading your application to quickly size you up. We help you through this discovery process.

For Transfer Students:

Students who have completed at least 15 credits or the equivalent at the university level are considered "transfer" students by most institutions in the U.S. If you have completed a year or two of college, and feel that you would like to study somewhere else — you can do so. Over 30% of students change university after their first year of studies. ESI guides students through this complex process to great success. Read our testimonials.

For Graduate Students:

Pencil writing 'Future'

Whether you are changing careers, seeking to specialize in a field, or going back to school for a second or third Master's degree, we can help you reach your goals, and highlight your experience in support of your application.